Thursday, December 27

T'was the Day After Christmas

I dared venture out into the sunlight today. I've been vegetating in The Sanctum since the vacation started, so I just needed some air. I was thinking that the mobs at the mall should have receded by now, but nosiree... at least Megamall was still crawling with folks. It wasn't unbearably crowded, but I soon found myself yearning for solitude once again. I wanted to try and get something cool, and at some points found myself wondering if I should get a new game (Naruto: Rise of a Ninja for the Xbox360) or a Blu-ray disc (Paprika) to take home. In the end, I balked and just got myself two things- a new belt (from McJim no less. Ownly from... McJim)and a new wallet. For the new year.

Afterwards, I headed home, just wanting peace and quiet once more. And the tranquility of the crowded yet silent internet. Hahaha. I'll try to slip in another mall foray before New Year, I think. But for now, I think I'll bother myself with more R&R, perhaps starting on the script for Ninja Girl KO issue 4, and trying to save the universe in Mass Effect for the Xbox360.

Man, I love vacations. Back to vacationing, then.

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