Sunday, April 13

Ixus Mortus

During my stay in Boracay last week, I got to enjoy the white sands of the island getaway, the surprisingly very mainstream and commercial amenities of a beachfront hotel with grade-A facilities but below-par food (The Two Seasons), quite a few man-sized portions of Jonah's Shakes and, unfortunately, the experience of having my nice ol' digital camera take a dip in the salty water.

Yep, a stupid little mistake lost me my trusty Canon Digital Ixus 60, and for the rest of the stay I was bereft of a cam to chronicle the days of beach, booze and babes. Strange thing- for an island that expects tons of tourists, there's no place on Boracay to service your camera in case of trouble like this- for shame.

Anyway, I had the cam given over to the Canon service center, and hopefully we'll be able to resurrect the dead cam. It's really a waste if we couldn't. In any case, my Mom will be coming home with a new digicam most likely when she comes back from her current tour of the Holy Land. We'll see what comes first- a new old cam or a new totally new cam. Either way, I'll be sure to never have this happen again... or resolve to buy a waterproof case for the camera if I ever go back to Boracay or any other beach. Oh well.

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