Sunday, April 13

Gadget Lust Again!

It never fails- whenever I lose a gadget in some way, I suddenly get the craving to replace it with another- whether it's another of the same gadget or something totally different. As if there's a techno-void in me that demands to be filled. Long ago, it was the loss of a cellphone 'won' during a Christmas party that caused me to careen hopelessly and endlessly into mobile phone frenzy... and now, the loss of my digicam has me once again looking here and there at the gadget shelves.

Of course, I shouldn't buy a camera- my Mom will be getting a new Canon Ixus to use on her trip, and that will be mine to buy when she comes home. With this in mind, I shifted to looking about for other substitutes. A cellphone was out of the question- my iPhone is still hunky-dory, and my love for it has bloomed even more of late after an install of the awesome Genesis4iPhone app has turned my mobile into a portable 16-bit gaming system. It was fun though to hypothesize about the latest models on offer from the big brands. The Nokia N95 8GB model still remains the phone model I'd get if I didn't have an iPhone- the huge storage, Symbian OS, N-Gage gaming and best camera (still and video) around make it THE all-in-one device to have. Also catching my attention is the N82, the OTHER great Nokia camera phone with an OS, although the lack of big storage irks me.

On the Sony Ericsson side, I finally saw the W960i, and I have to say- I am underwhelmed by the plasticky, toy-like look of the actual device (which looked so slick and suave in online pics). The Nokia equivalent N95 8GB beats this one out.

Well, I'm still firmly entrenched with my Apple device, given how it still pretty much kicks every other phone's arse, including the ones mentioned above, in terms of video playing quality (Mpeg-4 video ROCKS), and the huge, hi-res screen still never fails to make my eyes shine. Sigh.

So I cast away any more thoughts of any big gadget acquisitions... for now. I just contented myself with a new Flash Drive- an 8-GIG Flash Drive- that should be great for ferrying files and other stuff here and there. Man, technology. You gotta love it.

Can't wait for what the future brings.

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