Sunday, April 20

Avatar BLOWOUT!!!

The End begins in July.

The recent New York Comic Convention revealed a lot of things Avatar: The Last Airbender to fans who have been starved of content for months. For starters, the above trailer which features clips from the next few episodes. The 4-part finale to the series will air in July, and will end the series with a bang as Aang finally engages the Firelord in a climactic final confrontation. Also, the first Avatar live-action movie will be shown in 2010, and have the title The Last Airbender (since the title 'Avatar' has already been stolen by James Cameron...).

Man, this is gonna be bittersweet. The greatest US cartoon ends in a few months, but man, it's shaping up to be an awesome end. I can't wait. WOOHOO!!!

And here (MEGA-SPOILER ALERT) is a 7-minute preview of episode 3.17 The Ember Island Players, which is IMO the best way to have a clip show before the finale. Awesome, hilarious stuff and it perfectly illustrates how beloved this show has become to it's fans. Man, I am going to love this show forever.

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