Wednesday, April 23


As I posted about earlier, my old Canon Ixus 60 digicam went swimming in Boracay a couple of weeks back. I took it to a Canon service center and hoped that it wouldn't take too much to get it back to working order. Well, a call came in today and I received the quote for repairs- 20K with change. TWENTY FREAKIN' THOUSAND PESOS PLUS PLUS. Man! That's enough to buy a brand new, higher-end Canon. It was just a fifth shy of the price I paid for the camera when I bought it. Darn! So what could I do save tell the Canon rep to just dispose of the now-useless piece of salt water-logged junk.

Well, as if in answer to my loss, Mom came home today from her 12-day trip to the Holy Land and Egypt, and she brought with her... a new camera! She had told me prior to leaving to refrain from buying a new digicam locally since she would be stopping over at Dubai where a huge Duty-Free sold cameras at a very cheap price. Well, our patience was rewarded. My new camera is a lovely Canon Ixus 82 IS. It's a nice, compact, blue 8-megapixel snapper that comes with cool features like Face Detection and Motion Stabilization. NICE! Better yet, it came at a price of about half of what I paid for my old Ixus60. The price was so good, mom got herself a new camera too (an Ixus 70) which she used to take gobs of pics of her time touring the religious and cultural center of Christianity. So all's well that ends well, I guess.

Of course, I won't be taking my new cam to any beach anytime soon. Heh.

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