Friday, May 9

Bangkok Bound!

And now for the news! Midway into this week, I suddenly was told a pretty surprising thing- I'm going off to Bangkok early next week! And just like that, I am now on my way to my third trip outside the Philippines, and my second off-country destination. I've only been to Hong Kong (twice) before, so I'm really excited to be heading for Thailand. I've been told by everyone and their mother (well, my Mom, actually) that Bangkok is beautiful and a great place to tour and enjoy. Unfortunately, I'm actually not going on a vacation- it's work, though I apparently have some time to run wild before I have to report in to earn my per diem. In any case, I'll be there for up to a week, so I guess I can lay to rest any worries that I might over-pack this time around. I have to worry more about under-packing.

Fortunately, there'll be internet where I'm staying, so the blogging will continue. Man, I'm excited! Later then! Gotta prep.

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