Wednesday, May 7

Mangaholix Presents Issue 5 Cover

Ninja Cover Girl KO!

As of this writing, Mangaholix Presents #4 is already available in comic book stores and branches of National Bookstore, Power Books and Fully Booked all over the Metro, so get your copy now (and a copy of issues 1 to 3 if you haven't gotten them already)! But even better, Mangaholix Presents #5 will be heading to shelves in a couple of weeks time as well! The coming Issue 5 will, as seen above, have my very own Ninja Girl KO! as the cover story, with the ever-gorgeous art of Kriss Sison. Goodness Willing, we'll have a straight flush of Mangaholix Issues 1 to 5 on sale and available at the upcoming M3Con at the end of the month. WOOHOO!!!

Man, I can't wait. And I don't even have my copy of Issue 4 yet, darn it. Gotta head for the mall soon, I guess.


Unknown said...

Head to the mall?? Drop by the studio for your free copy man! It's your title!

The Sole Keeper said...

Hahaha! Yeah but I'm glad to help the book along. ^_^ The Mangaholix studio is also pretty far away from me so I might as well just buy from the nearest mall...