Sunday, May 30

True Colors

Phonewhore post! Phonewhore post!

After a couple of weeks of having my 6600 in a sporty, metallic-red shell, I finally went out and had the original cover re-installed on my cell. While the brightly-colored 'fake'/bootleg covers for cellphones are cool, from my experience they never seem to get the fit completely right. There's always a teeny bit of shakiness and a degree of off-kilter fitting. Plus, bootleg covers tend to be easily scratched and chipped- the last shell I got acquired an irritating nick the day I got it. Gah.
Anyway, so it's back to plain, everyday off-white for my 6600. But at the very least, the original shell fits perfectly, so the phone feels snug and solid and whole in my hands... in fact, it feels like a new phone. It was kind of irritating to spend just to have an OLD cover installed though- I should learn to do the installment myself. How these cellphone kiosks charge a couple of hundred to install these shellls is simply highway robbery. Sigh.

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