Wednesday, June 2

Gotta Getback them all...
Slight Spoilers Ahead

WOW! Animax actually finished the entire Getbackers series! This bishonen action series has been showing since the anime channel started airing months ago, and for the longest time the episodes looped over and over during the series' first major arc. FINALLY, several weeks ago newer episodes finally started to appear, and for the past several days the final story arc- which reveals part of the secret behind the ever-present Infinity Castle was shown. Former enemies like Makubex become the friends, and the heroes and their new allies face a new wave of enemies (who seem to show up from the woodwork, each with their own looooong backstories...). After various battles, the heroes finally resolve the fate of the ones who dwell within.
Contrary to how a lot of anime wrap up with gloom and doom and high body counts, the series ends with a happy-happy joy-joy ending, with everyone alive and well and looking forward to more adventures (if ever the producers/creators ever revisit the world again to wrap up the other loose ends). And of course the Getbackers Ban and Ginji driving off in their tiny Volkswagen, and sharing a brotherly (?) hug... Hmm...

This bodes well for when Animax eventually (and hopefully) shows even better series in the future, such as Inu Yasha, my absolute fave title, which has episodes in the 150+ and counting. More anime. MORE anime. MOOORRREEE!!!!!

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