Friday, June 4

Completing an Epic

Last night I sauntered into the Megamall branch of Astrovision and pretty much mindlessly bought myself the last DVD in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Return of the King. Yeah, yeah, the extended version dvd set is coming in November. Yeah, yeah, I already have quite decent pirate dvds of ROTK already. Yeah, yeah, yeah... So SUE me. I'm a completist.
Anyway, the theatrical widescreen release comes in 2 discs. Disc one of course contains the movie, which comes in the cut seen in movie theaters and expectedly has no commentary tracks. The Special Features disc contains about three to four TV specials on Return of the King, lots of little short features on the making of ROTK (originally seen on the LOTR official site), trailers (including the 'super trailer' which spans all three movies) and a feature from the ROTK videogame. As expected, there is no special 10-minute preview of the extended version ROTK set, as in previous theatrical release dvds.

At least the three DVDs look great together on my shelf... Heh. Sigh.

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