Tuesday, June 15

Dark Endings

I just watched Army of Darkness on cable. It's the third movie in the Evil Dead series, and my favorite. It's also the most comedic and action-packed of the trilogy, a far cry from straight-up horror feel of the previous films. More an action-fantasy, AOD has former convenience store employee Ash (played by Bruce Campbell) trapped in a midieval land beset by 'Deadites'- undead creatures that exist to torture the living. After he gets captured by a nobleman's knights, Ash soon becomes the de-facto leader of the human resistance against the Evil Dead.
It was years and years ago since I watched this first in theaters- I always found the ending a bit too bleak- after defeating the Deadites, Ash is given a magic potion that lets him sleep until his own time. However, he miscounts the drops required and wakes up in an apocalyptic future.

THAT ending was the only ending I've known in Army of Darkness. However, there actually is an alternate ending- or, actually, the official cinematic ending, known to the rest of the world. SPOILERS AHEAD! The theatrical ending was the one shown in the US and most everywhere else, and has the potion working properly, letting Ash return to the present day- and a job at S-Mart. We then see him recounting his adventures to a disbelieving audience. At that moment, a Deadite appears and a fight scene breaks out, with Ash taking the baddie out with a well-placed shotgun blast. The film then ends with the words, 'Hail to the King, Baby', a phrase that appears in the Evil Dead: Army of Darkness videogame released recently (so that's where they got it).
I've never seen the theatrical ending- perhaps I should take a trip down to the DVD market and see if there's a disc available. We'll see...

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