Sunday, June 13

It is here!

The latest Nokia has arrived in Manila.

I was walking around Mega's IT Center and as I expected, the Nokia 7610 had arrived in a couple of stores. This latest Finnish mobile model has all the features of my current fave, the Nokia 6600. The 7610 is a Series 60 Symbian smartphone, equipped with an integrated camera and video recorder and all the other trimmings, including an MP3 player and expandable memory via reduced-size MMC cards.
The biggest upgrade from the 6600 in the 7610 is the 1 megapixel camera, which takes much higher-resolution photos than pretty much almost all previous cameraphones. You can also take videos of up to 10 minutes- videos that you can edit and play with on the phone to make mini-movies and MTVs.
The phone seems to be as tall as the 6600, though the shape is straighter and narrower, like a T610. It's also not as thick as the 6600. The screen is the same size, though reviews have commented that the 7610's is much brighter.

As expected, the phone is PRICEY at about 35K (pesos). Not something I'd be able to pick up in a snap... if I wanted it right now, I'd have to sell my 6600 and add a bundle of cash. Of course, I have no intention of doing that today, tomorrow or even next month. I am quite happy with my 6600 right now... I can wait for more in-depth reviews and information and for the price to go waaay down before I even think of moving onto this flashy, fancy new toy.

At least, I hope I do. Heh...

Damn, it looks nice... Damn nice... Sigh.

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