Friday, June 11

Bloody Golden Popcorn

Kill Bill Vol. 1 has won three cool awards at the 2004 MTV Movie Awards. These include Best Female Performance for Uma Thurman as revenge-seeking 'Bride', Best Villain for Lucy Liu's sword-swinging Yakuza empress, O-ren Ishii, and finally best of all Best Fight for the ballsy death duel between The Bride and Go Go Yubari with Uma and Chiaki Kuriyama. WOOHOO!!!
The Return of the King also wins this year's Golden Popcorn for Best Movie and Best Action Sequence for the Battle for Gondor. This year, the opening spoof features The Passion of the Christ.

Locally, the MTV Movie Awards should be shown on June 19, Saturday, in the early to late afternoon. I'll try to catch it and all the action then.

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