Tuesday, June 8

Retro Anime

There's a new yet old series airing these days on Animax. It's called Silent Moebius, and it's about The Attacked Mystification Force, a all-female team of special agents whose job it is to defend a future earth from invasion by demonic entities called the Lucifer Hawks (Gotta love those names...). The story seems to center mainly on Katsumi Liqeur, a former saleslady who gets thrown into the frontlines of demonic invasion after she finds out her late dad was an archmage responsible for the Lucifer Hawks' coming to earth.
At the moment, I can't say I'm really that hot into this show. Being a show that's been around even when anime wasn't even called ANIME yet, the animation looks really dated, and despite the cool character designs I don't like the art style with the not-so-expressive faces and characters that pretty much look alike. The action is bland, and I can't get into the characters... perhaps it's the relative lack of humor. Or maybe it's just early. We'll see.

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