Monday, June 7


No, I'm not talking about the Harry Potter spell that counters Boggarts. I'm talking about the upcoming sci-fi action extravaganza called Chronicles of Riddick.

Chronicles of WHAT? Yeah, me too, actually. Not a lot of people seem to know about this film, at least here in Manila. Whenever I tell someone that 'I am sooo excited about this film, Chronicle of Riddick...', all I get is a blank stare.

Well, anyway, COR is the sequel to Pitch Black, a sci-fi/horror/action film from some years back, starring Vin Diesel. I didn't get to watch this film myself (yet), but from what I gather the film is set in the future, where a bunch of mercs and convicts get stranded on a hostile planet where hordes of nocturnal carnivores lurk and feed. Diesel's character, Riddick, is a man possessed of various powers- one of which is the ability to see in the dark. Aside from this, he's also a convict and an anti-hero, seemingly a ruthless and selfish villain until the very, very end.

Well, that's good since the universe needs a hero in Chronicles of Riddick.

Set some time after the events in Pitch Black, COR tells of the coming of The Necromongers, a space-faring army of religious zealots and fanatics whose sole purpose is to invade worlds, erect monuments and enlist more humans into their ever-growing force. Refusal to get drafted means genocide.
Things come to a head on the multi-cultural planet of Helion, where the Necromongers are about to invade. Called out by an old friend from his exile, Riddick is more or less forced into the role of reluctant hero. But what can one man do against an army that can shatter worlds? Well, he's Vin Diesel, so that's a start.

Sounds like Triple X in space to me. But judging from the trailer, this movie looks like dynamite. Cosmic dynamite. I'm making a point to watch it when it shows, in the next few weeks. Aside from Diesel, COR also stars Karl Urban (LOTR's Eomer), Thandie Newton (MI:2), Kieth David and Judy Dench.

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