Monday, June 7

It’s a mod, mod, mod world.

My brother came by this rainy afternoon with his new Playstation 2. Unfortunately for him, it had been bought and sent from the US so it wouldn’t run the local software. So, being the guru in gaming that I am, I went with him down to The Black Market to have it modified. To my surprise, the procedure now costs less than half of what I paid for it years ago… and apparently, there’s no more IC or modchip installed- now it’s all about jumper wires and bypasses. For some reason though, the technician told my brother that he should avoid using his PS2 for more than two hours.

TWO HOURS?! My gosh, that’s just warm up time. I guess they don’t make PS2s like they used to. I hope this is just exaggeration.

Anyway, we came home and the kids were all over it like bees on honey. Kids have it so easy these days. When I got my grey little Playstation, I was WORKING. Here these kids barely out of nursery school have a PS2- a machine once considered a supercomputer so it was banned for export to China.

Oh well.

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