Friday, May 13

Dead or Alive 4 Leaked


I posted some supposed pics of Dead or Alive 4 here recently, but apparently, according to Tecmo these images are not official images of DOA4, and were not supposed to be released. Supporter of Tecmo and the DOA series that I am, I've taken the pics down since they are not indicative of the upcoming game.
What does this mean? Perhaps they were just works in progress- perhaps a DOA3.5 or some other stuff. The pics DID have a bit of a 'raw' quality to them- the kimono girl for example didn't seem quite right (her hair didn't jive with her face), and overall the quality didn't seem that different or advanced from DOA Ultimate. Anyway, according to DOA Neotaku, a very reliable Dead or Alive fansite, Tecmo will reveal the real images and information on the next huge installment of this sexy fighting game franchise during the E3 Entertainment Expo next week.

Which remains though the questions left from seeing the 'leaked' pics. Will the new characters seen in the bootleg pics appear in the final game? Was Lisa the luchadore masked girl? Was the blonde kung fu kid related to Helena? Questions, questions. Without a doubt, DOA fans can't wait for next week.

Aaaanyway... If you still want to see the leaked pics of DOA4, check here.

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