Tuesday, May 10

Rain Man

Last night there was a freak rainstorm. Leading up to it was a pretty spectacular light show in the heavens- sheet lightning flashed every minute, as if God was taking pictures of the shrivelled Philippines before he gave it relief. I could smell the rain in the air but thankfully, it waited for me to get home and rest a bit before the drops fell.

A slight drizzle gave way to am heavy torrent, and hearing it as I sat sweltering in The Sanctum, I just couldn't resist. I dashed out into the garden and just stood there in the rain. I stood, then sat, the large droplets feeling like jabs of ice against my back. I've always believed that rainwater has special properties that make it different from regular tap... my hair always seems softer when I rinse after a bath in the rain, and skin seems fresher. I know there's an old Filipino belief that says that rainwater is a great remedy against skin problems. Maybe it's because the water's been charged with electricity from the lightning. Or perhaps it's the minerals from far and wide carried into the rainclouds.

I certainly hope it's not just cat poo carried from the roof gutters, so I kept my distance away from the edge of the house. I remained there as the rain went on for a few minutes. Luckily, the folks were all in bed, and the walls of the compound (probably) kept prying eyes from seeing a half-naked weirdo having an outdoors shower. Well, who knows- maybe one of my pamangkins happened to peek out of the window and saw his odd uncle in the rain. Well, that's something to remember.

I thought how it would be great to have a 'rain bed' in the garden, so I could just lie there during drizzles and soak up. It was pretty soothing and relaxing, occasional lightning flash regardless.

Afterwards, I showered inside and towelled off. Gosh, I hope that last night's shower was a sign that the heat wave of summer is about to end. One can only take the heat for so long. Whew. I need a drink.

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