Wednesday, May 11

Happy Ending

I watched the two-hour season finale of The Amazing Race. The three remaining teams were dashing for the finish and... SPOILER WARNING...

The big winners were the husband-wife team of Uchenna and Joyce! It's been a great show to watch and I have to say, I've honestly been hoping that these two would win. When they finally made it to the finish line I stood up and clapped. They're just such decent, kind and friendly people, and the stuff that they went through (Joyce getting her head shaved) just HAD to have some kind of return.

I have to admit that I started off as a Rob and Amber fan, though I kinda lost my favor to them with that incident in Africa with the brothers' car taking a tumble (would it really have hurt to even slow down a bit?). Anyway, the Survivor couple already have a million in the bank, plus a gazillion prizes won over the course of the season.

Great show. I wonder how the next Amazing Race will be?

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