Saturday, May 15

DOA Ultimate Dress-Up

DOAU is going to be the game that tides DOA fanatics over till the next true sequel. With DOA4 at least a year or two away, Ultimate is going to have to live up to its monicker.
Well, if the arcade-perfect translation of the original DOA doesn't make you go 'hmm', the redone DOA2 should. Aside from having all-new moves and techniques, spectacular multi-level stages (with mid-level sloping falls added as a mid point to the ridiculously high falls from DOA2 and DOA3), DOA2U will have tons of costumes to play with. According to gaming site IGN, Tecmo has mentioned that DOAU will actually have more costumes than even the recent DOAX. In fact, it may be a possibility that the swimsuits from that sidegame may be used for DOAU.
In anticipation of thousands of players going online to play and wanting unique looks for their fighters, or for the DOA fans who just want to play dress-up their ninja girl, this is a pretty cool aspect to the game.

DOAU is being prepped release in the next couple of months. We'll be grabbing our copy the moment we see it. Heh.

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