Monday, May 10

Survivor: All Stars Finale


In a 2-hour special, the winner of the latest Survivor was finally decided.

The final four had lovey-doveys Boston Rob, Amber, hot momma Jenna and the gravelly-voicedRupert. Amber won the 2nd to the last Immunity, and to ensure her survival she voted out Rupert instead of giving her fate over to chance with a tiebreaker draw. B.R. won the last immunity and predictably brought over Amber into the final two.

The final tribal council meeting was perhaps the most emotionally-charged yet, with heavy accusations of moral degradation being thrown by jury members at the final pair, notably by tattooed Lex, motherly Kathy and farmer Big Tom. Calmer voices were that of Shi Ann, Rupert and Jenna.

The votes for the Survivor All-Stars winnder were read live at Madison Square Garden, with all the survivors present and all dolled-up.

Big Events of the Night...

Rob proposes to Amber, which ensures that they both get the million whatever happens, and sends a vast collective 'Aawww...' throughout the world. Heh.

Jerry Manthey storms out after a commercial break after voicing out her outrage at the show's exploitation of their pains and emotions (and getting boos after).

Richard Hatch, the original Survivor winner, defends the winners against the remarks of several others that they went too far in breaking friendships and their word during the show, saying that all's fair in the game.

Big Tom and Rob, despite their recent conflicts and some heated exchanges, eventually shake hands.


Amber, by ONE vote. She gets the million, and Rob gets a hundred thousand (I think).

Sub-winner: A new car is given away to another survivor, to be chosen by the winner, Amber. Amber gives it to Shi Ann, whom she says was the deciding vote that won her the game.

Final Surprise: Another million dollars will be given away by CBS to one of the 18 competitors (yes, Rob and Amber are also in the running). The winner is to be decided by audience vote, via text and e-mail. We'll all find out who in the later Survivor: More of the All Stars show.

I absolutely LOVED the show. The emotion was heavy but really now... It's a GAME, and everyone was playing everyone else at one point or another. You lost, tough. I really didn't like Boston Rob during his original Survivor show, but he just OWNED All-Stars. This guy played hardest, won pretty much every immunity and challenge and walked off with a car and the girl. Winner!

Oh well. What else is on today..?

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