Wednesday, May 12

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Rise of the Kasai

Tati's grown up to be a beautiful, if nasty, young lady.

The first trailer of Rise of the Kasai aka Mark of Kri 2 has been shown at E3. We've finally seen the new heroine and playable character Tati in action, and she looks to give her late, great elder brother Rau a run for the meanest warrior. Aside from handling twin daggers quite brutally in combat, Tati will wield an arsenal of death-dealing tools, use insidiously effective and deadly close-fighting and stealth techniques, and have the ability to become invisible and see through the eyes of the dead. If Rau was all noble warrior who kills with a stroke, Tati is a cruel torturer who inflicts terror in the dirtiest ways possible.
Apparently, events that happen before and after the story in the first Mark of Kri will shape Tati into the nasty anti-heroine she becomes in the game. Not the least of which will obviously be the death of Rau. Despite this, players will be able to control the original hero in some parts of the game, and Tati in others. At certain points, both characters will interact, though the other character will be controlled by a sophisticated A.I. engine. The trailer also mentions some online interactive element, but this is not yet clear.
Rise of the Kasai looks to be one of the sharper games to come this 2004. We'll be keeping out eyes out on this one...

When a woman slinks up to you like this, it's bound to be trouble...

Bikini Battling in DOAU

The latest trailer of Dead or Alive Ultimate shows off a lot of new stuff for gamers to chew on until the game's release in June. Shown at E3 2004, the video revealed a gaggle of new stages in which to fight in, such as a suspension-bridge hanging high over a raging river, an African stage teeming with wild animals (which fighters can get slammed against), a stage in the Great Wall of China and a beach stage seemingly torn from Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball.
And speaking of DOAX, not only a stage but costumes have apparently made the jump from the DOA novelty game to the flagship fighter. Ninja girl Kasumi and wrestling princess Tina are seen brawling it out on the beach stage wearing bikinis from DOAX. It is not known yet if there are a set number of swimsuits in the game, or if players can download them from a DOAX save in the Xbox HD.
Hopefully, more details and options will be revealed soon as the weeks count down to the game's release this summer.

And speaking of bikini fighting, there will be swimsuit-clad combatants battling in Konami's fan servicey-wrestler, WWX Rumble Rose. This all-female wrestling game will not only have detailed body physics and a cast of buxom brawlers, there will be a mud wrestling mode and a Hands-free mode. Oh-kay...

Gaming looks VERY interesting in 2004... Heh

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