Wednesday, May 12

Tekken 5

The latest chapter of the classic fighting game series continues...

Namco finally revealed the latest Tekken game at E3 2004, so here's the info available so far.

There are three new characters; one female, two male. The lone new girl is Asuka Kazama, who fights more or less in the same style as the late Jun Kazama. She wears aikido-style outfits and has several of Jun's old attacks. Weng Fei is an angry-looking monk who seems to be out for revenge. Finally, the third new character is Raven, who looks all the world like Wesley Snipes' Blade character except with bleached hair. His fighting style seems to be ninjitsu.

The rest of the returning oldies includes almost all the fighters from Tekken 4- Paul Pheonix, Nina Williams, Julia Chang, Yoshimitsu, Lee Chaolan, Steve Fox, Craig Marduk, King, Christie Montiero, Jin Kazama, Lei Wulong, Hwoarang and Ling Xiaoyu. Heihachi seems to be absent since he goes missing after the events in the opening cinematic. Apparently, right after the ending fight between Jin, Kazuya and Heihachi, the Mishima Zaibatsu is attacked by an army of Jack Robots. Kazuya seems to escape, but Heihachi is not so lucky... Is Heihachi DEAD? I'm not putting good money on that, I can tell you.

Anyway, the graphics look similar so far to Tekken 4, though comments from people who have seen the trailer give the assumption that the costumes of the older characters are very similar to their original Tekken outfits- such as Paul's old red gi, Nina's purple outfit, etc... which is great since I HATED the Tekken 4 outfits.
Still not much word on any other new stuff... hopefully we'll be able to see the trailer and get more info as E3 2004 unfolds and wraps up.

Tekken 5 has been given a late 2004 arcade release, with home versions probably expected in early to mid-2005. We'll see where this one goes.

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