Sunday, July 18

The King is Back!

SNK's latest game in it's popular King of Fighters line looks to steal a bit of Tekken 5's thunder by giving PS2 gamers a taste of 3-D streetfighting sooner than Namco's flagship. King of Fighters: Maximum Impact is fully 3-D, with polygon graphics taking the place of 2-D sprites. The graphics and animation so far look good- attacks and movements are smooth and the action is fast and furious, apparently staying true to the 2-D games' mechanics despite adding elements of 3-D movement and evasion.

Maxima pays the ultimate price for mistaking Chae for a guy.

The game will feature a large roster of both old and new characters. Veteran pugilists include eternal rivals Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami, members of the Sakazaki clan- Ryo and Yuri, the powerful Ikari Warriors, fighters from the more recent KOFs such as 'K' and Maxima, and of course Fatal Fury mainstays Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui.
The new competitors include such novelly-named characters such as Alba, Soiree and Mignon, the latter being a cutesy-girl fighter. Also making their debut are Lien, a busty blonde female assassin (How many blonde assassins AREN'T busty?) who's seen a lot in the cinematics, and Chae, a female taekwondo expert who takes over the space vacated by the now-absent Kim Kaphwan.

Ryo Sakazaki and Chae Lim re-enact a scene from the first Spiderman movie.

The PS2 game will feature two distinct costumes per character, and various modes of play including Story, VS, Team Battle and Mission modes.

While SNK's track record with 3D fighters have not been impressive (Wild Ambition, anyone?), KOF:MI looks impressive from the get-go, and the gameplay looks tight. This should satisfy fighting gamers who've been waiting for a good 3D fighter to come along for awhile now. With DOA Ultimate due in October (maybe) and Tekken 5 for later in the year, the 3D KOF may be just what the players ordered.

King of Fighters Maximum Impact hits Japan this August, and September in the US. We can't wait to get cracking.

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