Saturday, July 17

On a Wing and a Prayer
I'm here at the Cyber Zone in Megamall, blogging and surfing in one of the pow-wow internet kiosks.  It's actually pretty cool here in the ol' CZ... the internet is fast, there are coffee, tea and snack places nearby, computer, gaming and telecom shops all around... the only thing missing is a comic shop or an actual arcade. Anyway, I'd rather much blog in the privacy of my workstation, or at The Sanctum... you can never tell if someone's eavesdropping or peeking at your stuff. Then again, who's to say I'm completely safe in The Sanctum..?
Anyway, we just came off the Siglo Comics Workshop, conducted by Dean, myself, Jamie Bautista and Wilson Tortosa. We started just after lunch. After a brief intro from Dean, Wilson took the fore and spoke about doing comics, with a smattering of tips on art techniques and experiences in his academic life. He brought a long a fair amount of cool art, including his college thesis, which was  a comic with fairy tale characters given a manga-action flair (Can you picture the seven dwarves as a Sentai superteam? Heh...). Afterwards, I jumped in and FINALLY got to use my lecture on 10 Tips to Creating Your Own Manga Story. Even two years after it should have been given, it was still nice so I'm glad it got told.
Dean took over after a while, talking about writing in general. It's pretty cool to see him have the audience laughing and in with him throughout his talk. You can really learn a lot from people's speaking techniques and how to captivate an audience.
All this and NONE of us came really prepared... basically we were all freakin' WINGING IT. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Anyway, despite our group unpreparedness the large audience gathered around seemed to have fun. There were predominantly young people around, although there was that one odd old lady who was just totally out of place- did she even know what we were talking about? Well, she stuck out for the whole show and even asked for a copy of Angel Ace- I gave away about 20 copies free to the audience. Of course, anything free puts smiles on peoples' faces, but it felt good to have people get the comic and hopefully appreciate it.
The day is still young. We ended the session at about 4, and we have the evening before us. Wasn't able to go to Greenhills, of course, but I think I can save it for next week. Work's looming on Monday, but I am actually raring to start the grind again. I miss the taste of salt. Heheh.

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