Wednesday, July 14


For the entirety of my professional life, I've always been an employee, working with a contract, doing a job nine-to-five, five days a week (then again, there was that one job that pretty much had me doing 7 days a week). So I've never really been able to think of even getting into freelancing. I can't even begin to think of the prospect of not having that paycheck come in at the end of a couple of weeks... indefinitely. I enjoy the security and the regularity of regular employment. Perhaps when I am a lot older, a lot more famous and secure with a lot tucked away... maybe I can try it. For now though, I will remain a denizen of the Salt Mines.

So it's pretty cool, in a weird way, to have a friend who has been doing freelance for a long time, return to the world of regular employment. I just wanna wish her luck, but then she really doesn't need that much since she's damn good.

Ah. Talking and blogging about work during my break? What am I thinking... back to rest.

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