Sunday, July 11

Two-fisted Gameshow

I stayed home today, feeling a bit under the weather... Okay, I got a bit lazy. I stayed in instead of going out to forage in Greenhills or go out with the gang for the Saturday nightout. I almost never see Saturday TV, and this opportunity got me to glimpse the British reality-TV show, Fight School.
Sorta like a cross between Fear Factor and Mortal Kombat, Fight School brings together a group of physically fit competitors to see who's the strongest fighter. Most of the show chronicles the competitors' trials while living in the show's oriental-type dojo, all of which seem straight out of some kung-fu film. They eat noodles, balance bowls and cups, climb poles and more. The climax of the show are actual fights, where the competitors pair off and start tussling with fists and feet flying.
Part of the show's pretty campy with the Grandmaster uttering lines like "I will make a decision with my wisdom..." and coming in with two female attendants/bodyguards. But the competitors' trials are pretty interesting to watch- similar to the WWE show Tough Enough. The actual fights aren't as flashy as any Mortal Kombat or Streetfighter duel, of course- it's all about technique, not force. The fights are mainly for points and seeing who has the will to get on top. So I'm kinda disappointed no one gets knocked out or has their spine pulled out, but it's not half-bad.

Of course, I won't be able to watch it again with any certainty, seeing as I'll most probably be out with the gang next week. Oh well. I'll just play a round or two of DOA to make up for it. Heh.

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