Friday, July 16

Wrong Signal

Yesterday, I ventured out of The Sanctum. I just needed to get out, and I was struck by a craving. It's a pretty funny story, actually.

I was at home, just lolling around the ol' sack when I turned the TV on to a news program named InSight. They were playing a report on obesity and health, featuring clips from the controversial documentary Super Size Me. FYI, SSM is about a guy who starts eating all his meals from McDonald's for 1 month. The result of his McDiet was his ballooning up with about 95 pounds, his cholesterol level shooting up, his life getting all crappy and all his doctors screaming TIME OUT!!!

Anyway, I was watching the footage and then the various shots of people eating burgers and fast food and instead of getting all guilty and scared...

I got hungry.

So, after having an obligatory couple of minutes peddling away on the exercise bike, I dressed up and went off into the outside world. I went to Greenhills and got the 4 latest episodes of Inu Yasha (which is STILL my favorite anime and only keeps getting better and better), and after which I made a beeline for Brothers Burger.
Now, on the way I took a cab and the traffic made me supremely hungry... so without really thinking I ordered something called "The Brothers Pounder" with bacon. It was only after I sat down and twiddled my phone for a few minutes that I saw what the actual Pounder looked like. It was a MONSTER- a two-pattie burger that would make the Big Mac look like a Burger McDo. Oh-oh... I made a booboo...
When the thing finally arrived, it was so huge I could barely contain it in my hands (and I have big hands, mind you). The thing was literally sweating oil and grease from the wrappings, and I was SCARED. Anyway, it was too late so I started eating, all the while the facts and stuff I heard from the InSight report were whispering in my ear. Sigh. Anyway, after a few wide-open mouth bites, I felt filled up. I left about a quarter of the thing unfinished and a lot of onion rings left, but I couldn't touch it anymore. As I left the resto, I had the inner urge to jog to Megamall. Oh well.

Of course, this is really not all fun and light; I know I'm putting on a lot of weight, so I should try to trim down my fat eventually. Someday. I will. Really. Postitively.


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