Tuesday, July 13

Remastering Remakes

Buffy's no match for ghosts in The Grudge.

I'm watching the US version of The Ring on HBO. I actually like it a lot, and yes, even more so than the original Ringu. It's creepier and the added Hollywood production values, slicker special effects and sounds make it altogether scarier film. There are big differences between the two films that make each version a unique watch- the Japanese film is more spiritual and... well, Japanese, with issues of the supernatural tying in with the secret of the cursed videotape. In the US version, it's a bit more clean cut when it comes to the nature of the curse. Plus, there's a decidedly more occidental bent to how the characters respond and act towards the curse- a need to rationalize things and chuck in scenes in the requisite psycho wards and hospitals. Just goes to show the difference in cultures.

Moviegoers will be seeing another Japanese-to-US horror remake with The Grudge, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. The movie is about a haunted house, filled with vengeful spirits, and how these spirits reach out to swallow up those unfortunate enough to cross paths with them. I am curious though on how they will be able to pull this one off- the original Grudge vid was a series of little vignettes, instead of one single story. Will they follow the original film or just have one big integrated story? It'll be interesting to see.
You can catch the trailer of The Grudge and see more into at the official site.

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