Monday, July 12

Text Generation

According to a local news program, the Pinoy youth of today, particularly high school students, are becoming dangerously addicted to texting and the use of cellphones. With mobile phones being as inexpensive as they are today, and with cellphone credit and load available in cheap portions, even students can get into texting. This reliance on mobiles, and the compulsion to text and textback, is having some radical effects on youth behavior. A couple of students being interviewed said that they actually scrimped on buying rice so they can allocate the lunch money to text money. They use the credit to keep in touch with friends and relatives. Taken to an extreme though, what other lengths would kids go just for text credit?
The news program goes on to recommend that parents train their kids properly on the use of cellphones.

Pretty wild. In my opinion, more often than not though, it's the kids who teach their parents about phones... heheh...

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