Sunday, July 11


It was fun being emperor and leading my own nation in Nation States. I had kept the state alive as a 'Father Knows Best' state, and later as a 'Corrupt Dictatorship'. Interestingly enough though, I poured billions into education and law enforcement, and eventually crime ceased to exist and my subjects were learned and content. Sure, problems like overpopulation of our national animal, the Madrapoor Viper, happened on occasion, but overall life was good.
Well, life was good and ultimately pointless and monotonous, as we had exhausted all the issues available. And any new ones were just too inane to take seriously.

So, Madrapoor was left to vanish into the mists of oblivion. I'd like to think that the 500+ million population of Madrapoorians will continue to live on in some way, somewhere.

Father has seen you grow and mature. Now, you can live your own lives and make your own decisions. To whatever end you find yourself, I will always be proud of you. Farewell.

Darn. I really, really wish Nationstates had a war or invasion option... oh well.

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