Sunday, August 29

Streetfighter RPG


Over the weekend I made perhaps one of the odder purchases I've done in the past few months. At one of the anime/toy shops I frequent I bought Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game. Yep, you read that right... an RPG based on the popular fighting game franchise from Capcom. Wanna play as Shotokan master Ryu or Ken? As kung-fu kicking Interpol agent Chun Li? You can with the SF RPG.
Actually, this really isn't new... in fact, this game came out perhaps up ten years ago... when Street Fighter popularity was on the rise. Among the many swags and merchandising crap that was released was an actual RPG, which should fulfill the dreams of SF fans who want to get deeper into the Capcom world than just playing the actual videogames.

Anyway, I got the main rulebook, Streetfighter: The Storytelling Game manual, the Player's Book, a Storyteller's Screen and a couple of supplementary modules- Secrets of Shadaloo (which reveals the facts behind the evil M. Bison's cartel... Oooh) and Perfect Weapon. I bought them all for a song, really... the anime shop guy has had the stuff in stock FOREVER, and he just wanted to get rid... ahem, find a better home for them. Well, SF fanatic and gamer that I am, I adopted them. Better than getting a stinky dog, I say.

So, what am I going to do with a set of Streetfighter RPG books? Well, I certainly won't be asking the gang to get together on weekends to fight the forces of Shadaloo... I just bought the stuff to read, to look at the crappy US artworks, to laugh at the absurdity of it all and just put them along with my other otaku material. I love this stuff. Heh.

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