Wednesday, September 1

Upgrade Complete

Like in some RTS, I finally was able to improve my phone's memory. Since my 7610 supports only the newly-introduced Reduced-Size Multimedia Cards (RS-MMC), it was HELL to find them in any of the usual malls and shopping centers. After several weeks, a 128 MB RSMMC finally appeared, but to someone who has tasted the spacious capacity of 256 MB memory cards (with my now long-gone 6600), that just wouldn't cut it. Well, eventually I gave in but it's just not the same. Budgeting space and having to compromise my videos and files was a chore.

But I finally found a solution online, from the Buyncell Forums, which was referred to me by my brother. I was able to contact this shop in Binondo, Manila that has memory cards and digital medium in the plenty- AND it has 256 MB RS-MMC Cards in stock, and at a price that's lower than the 128 MB cards in the malls! WOOHOO!!!
Of course, it WAS in Binondo... which is pretty much another world for me. Thankfully they deliver, so I was able to have my upgrade delivered to me right at the office... How's that for service?
Well, what can 256 MB mean to me? Well, I can carry around a whole MOVIE along with lots of other video clips, or up to six 25+ minute episodes of anime or whatever show I want. Of course, short features are preferred to full-length films since it really isn't good to stare at a small screen for extended periods of time... Recommendable loads include episodes of The Animatrix, or the Clone Wars cartoons (which come in at about 3 minutes a chapter), short OAVs and good single episodes or series debuts like Scrapped Princess. Having a theater in your pocket is a great way to beat boredom almost anywhere.
Just gotta remember to keep my battery charged. Always.

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