Friday, September 3


That's how I describe my laptop now, after I dropped it (luckily while it was in a bag) a couple of days ago.


My beautiful, lovely, Powerbook...

It happened so fast. While fumbling with my backpack (after a checkpoint), umbrella and I.D., I lost hold of the WRONG thing and BAM... my bag fell to the floor. I couldn't believe it had happened, but it did. I picked up by bag and hurried up to the office. A quick look told me that the mac still worked, at least- the light on the front latch was on- but I had to look it over myself.
When I finally got to my workstation and took out the laptop, I was in for a shock.



I tried opening the laptop. For a second it didn't seem to open... but then, it did. My imagination. The screen went on, and it still worked. Perfectly. I looked for a disc to fit into the DVD drive... it still fit. The drive still ran. But there was that FRICKIN' dent. It's not huge, but you can easily see it. My poor, poor laptop.
I've already checked. The warranty won't cover it, and to have the casing replaced would cost at least 12K. That's a monstrously large amount to spend just for a little cosmetic damage. And there are other things to spend that money on. Like a certain comic anthology that I have to work on. Like a good pair of new shoes. Like food.
So I'll just have to take it and like it. Anyway, really, the laptop's still a gosh-darned lovely thing. Yep, it's dented, but then I guess it just fits ME better, since I'm not flawless myself. How's that for being cosmic? Well, someday, when I have to have the thing upgraded or overhauled, I'll be glad to spend the extra bit to have the casing replaced and have my partner perfect again. Someday. Really.

But for now I'm still aghast.


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