Friday, September 3


It's been barefly a day or two after pay day and I've already spent a bundle, thanks to the early deposit of our salaries and to the shizload of new stuff I just had to buy at Comic Quest. Yep, I'm pale from loss of blood... Aaaah...

Not one, but TWO darn issues of Official Xbox Magazine were on offer- the regular issue (which contains previews of the upcoming Halo 2 and other hot games) and the Holiday Preview Guide that adds a bit more info and pics. Irritatingly there are pitifully few new pics of my long-awaited Dead or Alive Ultimate- really just ONE new picture (but at least it has a bikini-clad Hitomi). BAH. Anyway, it'll make for good game reading. Also lightening my wallet are the newest issues of Electronic Gaming Monthly, GamePRO and Animerica. On the comic side, new issues of Fallen Angel, Blade of the Immortal, Street Fighter, Justice League Elite and the first issue of Fathom: Dawn of War. But of course, the crowning glory of the haul is the third issue of Suikoden III. WOOHOO!!!
On the actual gaming front, I finally got a copy of the 3-D KOF game, King of Fighters: Maximum Impact. First impressions- the graphics are pretty good, though not on par with the biggies (DOA3, VF4 and Tekken). The gameplay is quite close to the 2-D KOF games, in terms of moves and animations. However, there are the expected hiccups, such as abusable moves and combos, and an extremely CHEAP end boss. I'll post a more in-depth review once I log in the hours.

Darn, that's a lot. No wonder I'm drained. Well, lots of stuff to enjoy over the weekend. Goodies, goodies, all for me! Hoho!

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