Tuesday, September 28

Cracking Up


That's it. I am positive that the lobby of my office building is JINXED.

A couple of weeks ago, it was my laptop. It fell to the floor and got dented.

Today, my glasses fell and the right lens got CRACKED.

MY GLASSES!!! My fricking super-thin, scratch-proof, super-thin glasses. I was told they were pretty strong, and they were... I've dropped them before but never did they crack. Well, I guess I used up their lives with this final drop.

AAAACCCCCCCHHHH!!!! I had to more or less make my way half-blind to Megamall to have them replaced. The bad news is, it will take a couple of weeks since the lens have to be special-ordered overseas. GODDAMMIT!!!!! Afterwards, I had to make do without any eye-aids through lunch and the trip home. It really wasn't hard, since I can still see without my glasses- it's just super blurry and unfocused (I am myopic, or near-sighted) so I can't read much and recognize people from afar unless I recognize their shape. Si, while I got off work today, I can't enjoy it by going to any mall since I can't see for shit. Just had to go home and find my old pair of glasses, and start getting used to the old pair again.

Well, at least I don't have to worry about 7 years of bad luck since I don't think my glasses count as mirrors. But, DAMN! The last time I broke a lens in my glasses was back when I was in Grade Three. Since then, I used plastic lenses, which are unbreakable but scratch rather easily. My latest pair was glass- scratch resistant and thin, but apparently glass is still glass. I will have to be extra careful when I get them again, since this is pretty expensive. Or I should start thinking about getting contacts again.


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