Monday, October 17

Changing Channel

Chelsea Chan could easily have been just your average, normal 15 year old girl with dreams of dates with her crush. But of course, when your parents are unnaturally addicted to Television, there's bound to be something weird in the mix. Chelsea got exposed to some strange radiation from her parents' television sets (note 'sets' as in more than one) right from her mom's belly, so when she was born she had powers far beyond that of mortal men. She has the ability to summon and materialize any character from any television show to do her bidding... how COOL is that?! And so, with her Universal Remote Control in hand, Channel the TV-tuning Superheroine is off to battle evildoers everywhere!

Changing Channel is created and written by Nikki Alfar (KC Strange, Siglo: Freedom) and drawn by Yours Truly. It's just one of the many new superheroes and super-stories to be featured in the upcoming Project HERO comic anthology, out later this year from the gang of lay-abouts at Comic Quest.

While Channel's in the bag, I'm still working on my own title, Samurai Sis, and hopefully I'll be done within the week. Then I'll have time to do some stuff for the Komikon this weekend.

WOOOHHH!!! Busy, busy, busy!!!!

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