Thursday, October 20


I'll be taking the day off tomorrow, but I won't be spending it getting R&R. I need the time to ready my stuff for Saturday's Komikon 2005.
Primarily I have to ready the Kunoichi Boy comic, which can be up to 32 pages long (the whole first story that should have appeared in Questor ME). This is actually the first time I've really produced a xerox-copy comic, and I'll see how it goes. I'll probably prep about 20 to 30 copies for selling tomorrow... that's me being optimistic. Heh.

Aside from that, I'll be packing up copies of K.I.A. and sets of Angel Ace (bundling the whole Again series with a copy of AA Next) for the Kon. That's a lot of stuff... I wonder if the Alamat booth can fit us all? Aside from me, Budjette will be showcasing his new comic Trese, a supernatural detective series drawn by artist Ka-Jo, and there will be some stuff from other groups.
I'm actually looking forward to seeing what other indie comic groups are coming up with these days... I'll probably spend a bundle on ashcans and first issues this weekend. Hoho! I'll also probably have to bring along a sketchpad or loads of bond paper to draw on. We'll see.
This early and I'm excited. I hope it all works out. It's not everyday there's an event for local indie comics. I hope this is just one of many soon to come.

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