Saturday, October 22

Kunoichi Boy

Ninja Attack!

It took me all day yesterday, but I managed to finish the inking and lettering of Kunoichi Boy Issue #1. Of course I had to simplify the grayscale 'colors' since I'll be working with xerox copiers this time, instead of a real printing house. Other than that, it's pretty cool. The first issue of KB clocks in at 32 pages, introducing to readers the character of Jin Dragu, perhaps the first metrosexual/new age ninja hero in a feudal Japanese fantasy age. This title marks a lot of firsts for me... my first Xerox comic (believe it or not), my first comic to have a male main character (albeit someone who dresses up as a girl), my first real NINJA comic (Kai doesn't really count as a ninja, come to think of it) and my first comic to actually be set in a Japan-esque world. That said, it's still a MAD comic- lots of kick-ass girls who aren't too shy (Mikoto won't be the last tough babe I'm going to introduce in the series), a bit of humor and lots of action.

Depending on how this first issue does (I'll be releasing it in Comic Quest soon after the Komikon), I'll be continuing the book in this format, most probably. It seems to work pretty well, and it should get a lot easier once I get used to the whole xeroxing thing.

Kon's on if a few hours. Gotta pack some K.I.A. and Angel Ace issues. Full report to follow.

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