Thursday, October 20

Potty Training

Last night I finally finished reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (which delayed me a bit from finishing a page of Samurai Sis... Gah. The book's quite a read... in fact, I'd say it's topped Prisoner of Azkaban which was my favorite of the series up to now. The setpiece events- the World Quidditch Finals and the Tri-Wizard Tournament itself- were quite exciting and the book gets more intense as a certain Dark Wizard returns to the world of the living. Now I'm ready for the movie version, though after watching Azkaban and seeing the story aspects that got lost in the translation, I'm expecting a lot of stuff to be left out. Still, I'm pumped at the trailer and interested to see how the new director handles things after Albert Cuaron did POA. We'll just have to see as Goblet of Fire ignites theaters next month.

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