Wednesday, February 28

Truncated Oscars

Is it just me, or is this year's Oscars the WORST when it comes to videoclips? I mean, when you watch the presentation of nominees for the various acting awards, the clips are like, 3-second one-line snippets. Whatever happened to the clips that actually gave you a sense of that person's performance? Is it because of the premium on airtime? I watch the awards mainly for the clips, darn it.

I also didn't like Ellen Degeneres' stint as host- there seems to be a lot of dead air in between her gags, and it just feels like a bigger version of how she does her own show. Her schtick seems like adlibbing her way through the night, which was entertaining to a point, but it got kinda old fast as the spontaneity wasn't quite there- it was just awkward and silly. But to be fair, EVERYONE seemed to be off, everyone fumbling with dialogue or spiels and off-kilter jokes. One particularly weird moment was when the Devil Wears Prada girls did a gag with Meryl Streep in the audience, and it was just... off. Whatever. In any case- this year's Academy Awards- the most awkwardly-scripted and executed Oscars in recent memory for me. Not even worth remembering.

Well, I haven't watched many movies lately, and incredibly enough, none of this year's big winners (not even in the animation films). So maybe that's why I'm kinda off on the awards. Maybe it just means I have to get back to watching movies. And soon. Sigh.

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