Saturday, March 3

Spicy Hot

Something to look forward to: Satoshi Kon's Paprika.

Here's a trailer to the latest work of visionary anime director Satoshi Kon. It's all about attractive 29-year old Atsuko Chiba, a doctor in the cutting-edge field of psychotherapy. A new invention can now allow scientists to enter the actual dreams of patients, in order to discover what's behind their anxieties and neurosis... or to totally destroy that person's mind. When one of these devices is stolen and people start dreaming themselves into absolute madness, the task of saving mankind from falling prey to literal nightmares is Atsuko's stunning alter ego- a vibrant, 18-year old 'dream detective' named Paprika.

What can I say except, this looks totally AWESOME, which is exactly what I expect from Satoshi Kon. The animation looks off the wall and the premise of entering dreams should make for some creepy-fascinating-far out seemingly imagery. I can't wait to see this, as I have enjoyed Kon's past works like Perfect Blue and Paranoia Agent. Official trailers for the US release can be viewed at the official movie site. The movie is due out in US theaters in late May 2006.

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