Saturday, March 3

Resurrected Game

Back from the grave to the PS3.

Last night, Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection became available for download on the US Playstation Network Store. The game comes with 1080p-scaled graphics, a playable boss (Jinpachi, whom I'll probably never touch) and... that's about it. The game has a few modes- Arcade, which is your usual ladder match to the final boss, Ghost Mode, which puts you in a never-ending string of fights against various CPU A.I.-controlled fighters (much like the Kumite/Quest mode in VF5 and the PSP version of Tekken 5), a VS Mode and a Gallery Mode for viewing CG movies (of which there are just three) and a bunch of Tekken art, all of which you have to unlock using game money you earn while playing.

Well, I downloaded the game and it's right now in my PS3's Hard Drive, and I'm quite happy with it. Yes, it's a pretty bare-bones affair, but hey- it's only a 20-dollar download (you'll need a credit card and an account in the PSN Network), and it looks quite nice on the HDTV. Not as good as Virtua Fighter 5, but hell- what is? It's a better-than-arcade-perfect translation for the home of a pretty excellent fighter (albeit one that has been out for several years), and that will satisfy fighting game fans like myself. At the very least, it's a nice game to chew when I need a break from VF5. And a nice little reminder that Namco-Bandai owes us PS3 gamers Tekken 6.

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