Sunday, April 8


Taking out Zombie Terrorists is a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it.

Kai, a.k.a. Agent K, is coming back for more. Kinda-sorta-probably inspired by recent bloody-good, desensitizing fare like 300 and the upcoming Grindhouse is this new story with the sexy high-kicking femme fatale. A lethal cult of crazed killers is terrorizing the world- bloodthirsty murderers who wade through gunfire like it was spring rain, leaving only the grisly remains of their victims in their wake. There's room for only one death-proof assassin in the deadly game of international espionage, which brings Kai and the Amazon Assassins of KALI in direct confrontation with hordes of undead fanatics and their mysterious master. Who'll be left standing? We'll just have to see in Kai: Unkillable later this year.

Hopefully I'll get this book ready by the next Komikon (if there is one). For the most part I've hit the ground running with this one, so it looks and feels good. FINALLY... the MADman is back to comics. And boy, does it feel good. Heh.


Budjette said...


Something to look forward too! :)

Unknown said...

glad to see you drawing again! looks like she needs a shower... heh heh!