Tuesday, October 30

Resting in Peace

The next few days give way to Halloween and our very own Todos Los Santos holiday. This year's celebration/commemoration of Undas is particularly long (almost a week), so quite a few people are probably going away for a proper vacation (if they haven't gone already). Me? As always, homebody me is content with just staying at home and enjoying The Simple Life. As long as that life includes a stable broadband internet connection, next-gen gaming consoles, airconditioning, cable TV, fast food delivery and strong water pressure in the shower. Five-star amenities, right there. Heh. I just thank the Powers Be that I was able to get back my PC and internet working again before the holidays kicked in. That was cutting it close.

Anyways, I plan to finish whatever stuff I have that's slated for this year's Komikon, scheduled mid-November at UP's Bahay ng Alumni yet again. I have to admit, I actually kinda-sorta backed out of my previously-announced K.I.A. Unkillable story since it is so similar in flavor to the upcoming videogame, Jericho (for the Xbox360). I'm thinking up something else for Kai to chew on. In the meantime, something cool may come up for the Komikon from my end, and that's not just my stuff with Mangaholix.

In any case, long breaks like this don't come too often, so let's all just enjoy it. With the crap that we all have had to deal with in the days prior, we all need a little breather.

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