Thursday, November 1

Happy Ending

Just a little delayed factoid I got from surfing online. Remember Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End? Well, spoilers be damned... we all know of course that the movie eventually has Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) taking the place of Davy Jones on the Flying Dutchman. This kinda felt like a terrible fate to befall the hero, since if we are to believe he follows Davy Jones' fate (only able to spend one day on land every ten years).
Well, it turns out that it's not as terrible as I thought. According to the filmmakers (and explained in a deleted scene from the film), the duty of being Captain of the Flying Dutchman only holds for ten years, normally. Davy Jones was left hanging by his lover, Calypso, and therefore continued to prowl the seas and eventually became a monster. In Will's case, since Elizabeth remained true to him (as evidenced by the final scene of the movie after the credits), he is freed from his servitude after the ten years and therefore can spend the rest of his life on land with Elizabeth and their son. Nice, that.

Just a little tidbit. Haven't found anything on what happened afterwards to Jack Sparrow though. Maybe a Pirates 4, hmm? We'll see...

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