Friday, November 2

Starting from Zero

The really irritating thing about having your PC zapped by some virus or corruption is that you have to start from scratch almost every time. That is, unless you're careful. Well, I wasn't that careful the last time, so when my computer suddenly conked out, I got scrubbed with all the data in my 200 GB Hard Drive wiped clean. Even more irritating, I lost my Internet settings and information. DAMN!

Well, a week after I was able to scrounge things back together with a little help from my friends. The PC's back working, though there are still some kinks. The main HD has now been partitioned, so data will be safe even if the system gets Kayoed again. Thankfully, my internet connection was restored as well, even though it seems to have gotten a bit slower now. Well, what's important is that I'm back online and back working. At least, until the next big kablooie, and that's probably inevitable. DAAAAMN!

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