Wednesday, October 31


For all my life, I've always been a sucker for scary stuff. I love watching ghost specials, Halloween episodes and shows about the supernatural. But I've never seen anything you can consider paranormal- aside perhaps from a coke can moving in a half-circle on my desktop for no visible reason (I think it was just the liquid inside sloshing around working with the wet surface).

No third eye regardless, my favorite shows include cheezy programs like Ghost Hunters, Most Haunted and even the now-defunct Scariest Places on Earth (at least, until it became like a Family Fear Factor masochist-fest in the later episodes). I even enjoy reading those Pinoy Ghost Stories books, although I've never bought one.

Maybe it's genetic, or cultural. Filipinos eat up scary stuff like candy- from the way we all perk up when local shows turn Halloweeny, or how weird headlines on our tabloids announce manananggals are on the loose or possessions are at an all-time hight always grab our attention. Even in the modern age of internet and cellphones, the supernatural is still always in the back of our minds. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

So I guess I'm just gonna curl up in The Sanctum tonight with a bunch of sweet treats, turn up a scary show or creepy DVD and just get scared out for the fun of it. Happy Halloween, everybody!

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