Wednesday, July 28


We finally got rid of our dog, Taffy, today.

Since my brother and sister's families are migrating overseas in the near future, my Dad had commented that he wanted to get a dog so he could have a hobby. Well, my brother jumped the gun and got Taffy. He was a mongrel of a Pit Bull and a Labrador, and a pretty weird dog. When he was a little pup, the kids were all over him... I had lost most of my enthusiasm for animals a long time ago, so I basically just kept my distance. But then, Taffy wasn't your usual nice dog. For one thing, he was exceptionally stinky... you just couldn't get near him for too long without wanting to go wash up. It didn't help that none of the household help would give him a bath- apparently he would grow too skiddish and unmanageable. Also, the maids seemed to always have a hard time in finding him something to eat.

I think it just all boiled down to the fact that he wasn't a likeable dog. If you don't like him, you don't want to bother with him. So, Taffy just got stinkier and weirder.
A week ago, I actuallly tried to play with him... to my regret. He'd grow TOO enthusiastic and playful, almost dangerously so. He actually threw himself at me (kinda like a cross-body wrestling splash), and his leg brushed my groin. GAH! And of course, to add insult to injury, he still stank. Blech. After that, I didn't play with Taffy anymore. On a more serious note though, he also seems to try and bite you as you play, so that's pretty dangerous... especially for the kids. But then again I think even the kids didn't play with him anymore.

Well, today, my Dad carried him bodily into the car and went with me and my Mom. We brought him to the Guard Station at the front of our subdivision and gave Taffy to the guard. I asked my parents to make sure that they would at least take care of the odd dog. Maybe there, he'd find the dog's life we couldn't give him at home.

I'm not gonna miss Taffy. Not a bit. But I hope he's happy there.

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