Monday, July 26

Talking about Bread

Not your everyday bakeshop: Bread Talk at the Glorietta.

First it was Gonuts Donuts. Now, it's all about Bread at the recently-opened specialty bakery/bakeshop known as Bread Talk. Hailing from Korea or Singapore (or some other Asian country), the place specializes in delicious, fancy breads, pastries and buns of various preparations. Like Gonuts, the crusty concoctions are baked and done right in front of the customers, behind glass. In the main area are various shelves with large baskets where the just-cooked buns are cooling and waiting to be picked up (with some handy nearby prongs).
The breads range from meat or tuna-filled buns to fanciful creations such as the rather large Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bacon, a large crusty and chewy breadloaf with strips of crispy meat inside. Then there's the savoury floss breads, soft buns topped with a light, fur-like layer of meat shavings. The spicy Fire Floss was really nice! Aside from savoury treats, there are also nice pastries to satisfy any sweet tooth.
The breads aren't cheap (they cost a lot of dough), but the taste and quality are hard to resist. I have to say I'm hooked... I'll probably be back soon to try some other stuff. And who knows... maybe someday I might even spring a couple of thousand bucks for their special GIANT-size special bread. heh.

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